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17 Tools Every Business Owner Should Use
Written by John Hernandez08/15/2020

17 Tools Every Business Owner Should Use

When it comes to productivity tools, choosing the right ones can change your business. You save time, money and you become more efficient.

At Profit Frog, we love great apps that can provide value to us, and in turn, help us develop a great platform for your business. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Slack


Slack is a great communication tool for your team. Whether you all work in the same space or you are in different locations, Slack lets you communicate effectively.

This app also organizes your conversations by categories, making it easy to keep everything organized, unlike emails that can get lost in the noise. Send files, use integrated apps and more, all within the conversation. You can use it on your computer or phone.

2. G Suite

Google G Suite

Google has dozens of tools that businesses can use. With Docs, Sheets, Drive, and more, you can save files on the cloud and even have your team as collaborators.

Google also has Keep, a great note-taking app. With its calendar, everyone can get plugged into the same one and build reminders and notifications for important events.

G Suite is a great option to create your files, documents and project materials. You can access everything wherever, whenever, on whatever device. The best part? It’s all free.

3. Calendly


Have you ever played phone or email tag trying to find out when you and another professional have the same availability to meet? Calendly solves that by making it easy and seamless.

You can decide beforehand the times you are available. When someone clicks on the link you have in your email, they can choose the time that works best for them. Time zones are accounted for too. Everything you need is all included and organized for a smooth experience.

With this app, you can save back and forth time trying to schedule a meeting. You also avoid any fatigue when you cannot find the right time to meet, or someone says yes in the moment and realizes they have to reschedule.

4. Boomerang


It’s easy to get your emails lost in your inbox. With this app, you can send follow up reminders for emails you don’t get a response for. You can also schedule emails, which comes in handy when you send an email late at night but don’t want it to appear until it’s normal work hours.

This is a great tool to link with your Gmail to automate your activities. Emails can take up a lot of time. When you need something to simplify your day, finding a solution for emails goes a long way.

5. Hootsuite


For businesses to expand their reach and be relevant in today’s market, social media is becoming more essential by the day. Trying to keep up with different platforms can cause a real headache. You have to organize multiple accounts, post separately, and coordinate many components to having a successful strategy.

Hootsuite makes it easy when they put all your social media together on one platform. You can easily post and schedule your content in their app. It also comes with metrics and information to measure the data coming in. It’s a great way to make social media easy, measurable, and organized.



Links are important for your business. If it is long and confusing, fewer customers will remember it or click on it. The shorter the better. Also, most social media platforms have character limits, which can make it difficult to post all the content you want. Short links give you the space you need to communicate your brand. allows you to shorten links and measure its results. You can see where people are finding those links and learn more information that helps you optimize your marketing efforts.

7. DocuSign


Contracts, agreements and important documents are a part of everyday business.

Handling all that paperwork can be time-consuming and slow your business down. With DocuSign, everything is electronic. Clients, partners, and interested parties can easily sign your documents electronically after getting an email with a secured link.

It’s a simple solution that makes it possible to get your agreements resolved anywhere you or the other party is.

8. Evernote


Note-taking is an important part of business and development. Evernote allows you to take great interactive notes and organize it to boost creativity. You can access it anywhere and have it on multiple devices. You can also organize your notes by “notebooks” and categorize your thoughts accordingly.

Evernote is a great option for developing ideas, creating to-do lists, and more. When you have a great tool to organize your thoughts, you can run a healthy business.

9. Grammarly


When you operate a business, communication is everything. You communicate to your team, customers, vendors and any relationship you nurture throughout the day. Writing is one of the primary ways we communicate.

Whether it’s an invoice, social media post, email, or memo, what we say and how we say it matters. It’s important to make sure we write things with great grammar and a clear voice.

Grammarly is a phenomenal app that works better than any spellcheck or grammar feature you have today. You can upload a file and get it checked, or even add it as an extension on your browser. It has many great features that will keep you sounding professional and maintain your level of excellence.

10. Hotjar


Hotjar is the best tool to track what your customers are doing when they visit your website.

They provide analytics and tools so you can understand what your visitors are thinking. Ever wonder if people actually see your sign up button? With their heat map, you catch where on the page people are clicking, pausing and spending their time on.

Hotjar’s insights allow you to add, eliminate or adjust anything on your site for a better impact and response. When it comes to websites, many businesses stay in the dark. They aren’t sure if what they do is effective or not. This app makes it possible to know exactly what’s going on and how to improve.

11. Zoom


Everything is going more virtual and remote as the economy and technology advances. Zoom is the #1 app for video conferencing. You can meet with up to 100 people! It has many features that make group meetings possible online.

With Zoom, you no longer have geographical boundaries. Your employees, partners and clients/customers can be from all over the world. You can communicate with them just like you would in person.

12. MailChimp


Email is by far one of the most powerful marketing and communication tools for your business. Thousands of companies run their entire business off of email. It’s personal and intimate and it provides great results.

MailChimp gives you all the tools and features you need to develop a powerful email marketing strategy to your list.

This platform has an easy-to-use experience, with drag and drop features, making it simple to create an effective email. It also has automation and other tools to streamline your business email strategy. It’s a great platform and a definite must-have for your business.

13. Pocket


Ever read an article, visit a webpage, or find anything on the internet but don’t have the time to look at it now? You might never see it again; it could be super valuable to your business or spark an idea for the future. With Pocket, you’ll always have information on your fingertips.

Pocket allows you to save content so you can view it later. Imagine you are about to get into your car and drive. You see an article about a new product that might add value to your business but you can’t read it now. You can press the share feature on your phone and click Pocket.

Pocket saves it for you in a library and whenever you’re sipping on coffee or hanging out in a waiting room, you can visit it again.

14. SurveyMonkey

Survey Monkey

Your most valuable information comes from your customers. They have needs that your business can fulfill, and they know what they like and don’t like. One of the best ways to get this information is through surveys.

This platform makes it easy to make a branded survey to get the information you need.

Everything can be dragged to the survey and they have all the question formats you need like multiple choice and short answers. They email the surveys to your customers and you get real data and information on your dashboard.

15. Canva


These days, content is king. And providing a lot of content can take a lot of design.

You need an affordable way to get designs with a quick turnaround. Canva offers a wide arrange of graphics and templates that make it easy to get the designs you need.

Within minutes, you can have a top-quality graphic ready to share with your customers.

16. Monday

Managing projects can be difficult. There are a lot of factors that can go into play. You have many tasks to do. Some of them can’t be done without doing some first. Others have to be done simultaneously. Different people have to do each task.

All this can add to confusion and delays. With Monday, everything is organized.

You can assign tasks to people, collaborate and create an effective project management process from wherever you are.

17. Profit Frog

Profit Frog

Last, but not least, is Profit Frog. How could we not mention it? We love it so much and we know you will too. Profit Frog allows you to visually plan your business.

Through a virtual simulator, you can input different sales opportunities, finances, projects, and ideas to see how it can financially impact your business.

With Profit Frog, you can start working ON your business, instead of getting stuck working IN it.