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Want Your Meetings to Be More Productive? Get the Free Agenda Template
Written by John Hernandez12/18/2020

Want Your Meetings to Be More Productive? Get the Free Agenda Template

Have you ever hosted or attended a meeting and felt like it got you nowhere? Unproductive meetings are a huge deal for businesses around the world.

It's responsible for $37 billion in losses every year in the USA alone! Meetings can be long, they can finish with no real objective or accountability, and it can cost you a lot of time and money.

When we implement an effective agenda, we are able to cut those losses and jumpstart our business for real, productive results.

Just by implementing a structured meeting agenda, you can cut time by 80%. That’s a big deal. Not only are you saving labor hours, but you are also focusing on what matters most and how to get high-performing results from the time you do use.

Download the Meeting Agenda!

What You Want from a Good Meeting Agenda

So you know you want a good agenda. But what does that mean? Ultimately, you want something that can make your meetings efficient. That means saving time and producing great results.

Here is what you can expect from a meeting agenda and how to organize a good meeting beforehand.

Focused Topic and Vision

Everyone has been in a meeting where everything seems to go down a rabbit trail. For example, you focus on the logistics of a new project but one of your managers is talking about workplace culture. Both things are important and vital to your business, but having more than one subject can distract from the main goal of the specific meeting.

A good meeting agenda will focus on your topic ahead of time so everyone knows exactly what to talk about (and what to schedule for later). By narrowing down the context, you'll get more done and you address more things in the future with productive results.

Attainable Goals (and How to Get There)

It's one thing to talk about a project or vision. It is another thing to know exactly what needs to be done. This is extremely important because you want a very clear picture of what success means for you. It should be measurable and attainable.

When you develop your meeting agenda, you are able to plan on covering what steps are needed to accomplish those goals. The bulk of the meeting will be about this.

Research and Preparedness

Your agenda should include the materials and subject matter that all attendees should be aware of and well-versed in. What do they need to research beforehand? Give them access to what they need to study. Also, include what they should have on hand during the meeting in case you need to reference anything.

When we are prepared, we save a lot of time. Instead of shuffling papers and emails around, or trying to explain a complex situation, everyone will be prepared and on their A-game to solve any problems and develop a plan.

Accountability and Clear Responsibility

One of the most common problems for management is leading a meeting, having a plan, but walking away with no clear accountability for the team.

No one really knows what to do. Sure, a team of three might be responsible to get something done… but who is the exact person it really falls on? And does everyone know who it is?

A meeting agenda lays out who is responsible for what and when. This adds accountability and also simplifies communication and understanding between the team. When everything is communicated, your team can be its best.

Download the Meeting Agenda!

After your meeting is done, it's a good idea to schedule a follow-up meeting or process to measure and assess progress. These steps in an agenda have the potential to transform your business.

At Profit Frog, we want your business to succeed. Meetings are a big part of that. That’s why we have developed a template for your meetings. This meeting agenda will get you one step closer to creating dynamic meetings that produce results.