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Features & Benefits

Work ON your business, not IN it...

Real-Time Profit & Loss Analysis

Turn expenses, products, services, and customers on and off with the flip of a switch

Use Sliders to quickly adjust values to see the real-time impact on profits

Visual design allows you to add, remove and modify any component in the business quickly and with ease

“What-If” Scenario Planning

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lost a particular customer, there is a shift in the marketplace, or your supplies costs increased?

Model various scenarios, saving each to a scenario preset to use for scenario comparisons, contingency plans and to develop risk mitigation strategies

Export the model to pdf or Excel for use in Business Plans, team presentations and Shareholder updates

Cloud Based Convenience

Begin your free 14 day trial now. Whether planning a new Start-up with your buddy in a Starbucks or demonstrating high-ROI changes to your business partner, Profit Frog works where you do

Begin your free 14 day trial now.