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Dream in years, plan in months, review weekly, & react immediately


Intuitive dashboard with interactive timeline

An interactive timeline is the centerpiece of Profit Frog's dashboard with key progress indicators along the top. Always know how you are doing at a glance with our "On-Track" / "Off-Track" indicator.

Just click on the chart and the month opens with results, analytics, and the ability to easily modify your plan.

Lean Planning

Big Picture Thinking

Planning is not about trying to predict the future, but instead, to invoke "big picture" thinking.

Those who prepare for the things they can't control are in a much better position to react to the unexpected. Long gone are the days of the old-fashioned static business plans, which are outdated in weeks and give a false sense of security.

Dynamic plans are reviewed and updated weekly to compensate for the unexpected and adapt in real-time. Profit Frog is a Dynamic Planning tool that keeps your plans alive, accurate and positions your team to reach your goals.

Plan builder

Create a plan from scratch or from a template

Getting started is easy, especially with our template plans. Answer a few questions and Profit Frog will present you with plan templates based on your past actual data. Select the one most fitting for your business, modify as needed and then track your progress.


Powerful analytics provide quick insights into profit drivers

Having a fundamental understanding of what drives your profits allows you to build and modify realistic plans to reach your profit goal. The best plans are adjusted often using real-time data.

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