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Quickly & easily map, model, experiment & evaluate ideas - without an accountant.

Drag & Drop Business Modeling & Scenario Planning

Profit Frog’s modeling platform guides you though mapping & visualizing your entire business so that you can fully understand it.

Once you've peeled the business back to it's fundamental building blocks, you can dissect, test, rearrange & experiment to identify those missed opportunities - whether they take the form of reduced expenses, product cost savings, new product ideas or chasing that new customer that you've been thinking about.

And the best part? See the impacts on your profits in real time before ever committing to a decision.

Find Your Missing Profits

Capture every aspect of your cost structure and expenses in a fun and easy to use graphical environment. Shuffle things around, adjust numbers with sliders, experiment with "What Ifs" and before you know it, you are identifying where you can be making more money.

Profit Frog brings a level of clarity, creativity and results to your business that you will never get using spreadsheets.

Scenario Plan

Most of us who have owned a business find ourselves running as hard and fast as we can just to keep up. As the business grows, it becomes more complex. And before you know it - the business is running us.

As E-Myth author Michael Gerber reminds us, it is critical that we work "ON" our business instead of "IN" it. Which means taking the time to sit in the pilot seat, checking that all systems are functioning properly and that we are flying toward our objective.

Profit frog's Scenario Planning tool is instrumental in mapping out and understanding the financial impact of the various "Business Configurations" that you build to meet your objectives. And don't hold back - try everything, save each as a scenario and then compare them all to see which path is best.

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Visual “What-If” scenario planning allows you to add, remove and modify any component in the business

Scenario Presets allow quick and efficient scenario comparisons

Turn expenses, products, and services on and off with the flip of a switch

Hover Sliders provide agile value optimizations



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Clickable RESULT items allow deep dives into the mechanics of the business

Mission Control feature gives you maximum insights

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