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Mark Buff


Mark Buff is an entrepreneur with a history of building successful businesses. He was the founder/CEO of Mohu, the Cord Cutting Company who invented the best selling paper-thin Leaf antenna. They revolutionized the way people watched TV and sold over a million antennas per year into all major retailers, including Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Amazon. Mohu was acquired in January 2020.

Over the course of 15 years of building businesses, Mark realized that one of the biggest challenges of running a business was setting and hitting a goal. No process ever seemed to work well: small team planning, one person planning, "do the best we can" approach, offsite planning, strategy facilitators or back of the napkin. Any goal and plan seemed to be irrelevant and outdated in weeks, causing everyone to quickly snap back into scramble mode.

Profit Frog was designed to fix this. It's a simple tool that keeps the goal in front of everyone at all times. The team reviews and adjusts the plan often, keeping it accurate, simple and task focused. And best of all, it energizes & aligns the team around a common goal, making life in business less stressful and more enjoyable.

Our Story

We are a team of entrepreneurs who have found over the years that building a business is not easy. Far from it.

We all shared the same frustrations. There is always something competing for our time and attention, which requires a constant scan of our priorities and where we place our efforts.

And then it occurred to us: when we had a plan, as simple as it may be, we all seemed happier, less stressed & organized - even when the plan changed every week. There was something about a plan that united the team in a way nothing else could. But the problem? There was no tool that made planning easy, accurate & fun...

And hence - Profit Frog was born.

We are all like-minded individuals. We have a thirst for controlling our own destiny, believe that we are in charge of the results, and will always look for smarter ways to do things.

We hope Profit Frog brings you the clarity and performance that your business deserves.

Our advantages



Profit Frog's interface was designed with a "less is more" approach, making it fun and intuitive to use.



Let's face it...planning can be tedious and dreadful. Profit Frog changes that. We make the process engaging, quick and exciting. Profits drive motivation and confidence in a business, so why not make the process fun?



Plans unite and energize teams around a common goal. They are the only way to guarantee alignment & focus. The key is to adjust them as needed to match reality. Profit Frog was designed to bring a new level of focus to your business.

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Our Values

  • We are dedicated to our customers and their success
  • Plan your work and work your plan
  • Profit is an intention, not a reward
  • We believe simple is better
  • People with grit, humility & integrity are awesome